Having a fresh, clean carpet doesn’t have to be difficult, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. no vac is the revolutionary carpet freshener that dries quickly, doesn’t have to be vacuumed, and leaves a fresh fragrance behind.

It’s your quick and easy answer to unsavoury carpet smells. Simply spray a light foam on your carpet after vacuuming and leave to dry. While conventional powders simply sit on the surface, no vac’s quick-drying foam penetrates deep into carpet fibres, instantly neutralising odours.


Why you should sanitise and deodorise your home

A clean home doesn’t just look and smell great, it’s also better for the entire family. If allowed to accumulate, bacteria can become harmful.

That’s why sanitising with carpet freshener regularly is such a good idea – it inhibits the growth of bacteria that gets locked inside fabrics, minimising the formation of malodours and leaving a fresh scent instead. no vac Foaming Sanitiser & Deodoriser improves the feel and cleanliness of your home, including carpets, upholstery, and curtain fabrics.


The best carpet refresh you could ask for

Your carpet is the prime smell trapper of your home. The thick material tends to absorb the smells caused by daily life. Not to mention, they bear all the brunt of the household activity! To negate all the odours that get trapped in your carpet, having a carpet freshener ready in the cupboard is a great way to go.

no vac Foaming Sanitiser & Deodoriser is great on carpets and won’t leave a residue. and. You can see it work as it disappears into your carpet. In about five minutes your carpet is dry and your whole room smells naturally fresh and clean.


Your go-to upholstery cleaning product

Often neglected in our cleaning routines, upholstery deserves more love than it gets. Whether it’s watching the television, entertaining guests, or serving as a makeshift bed, your furniture and upholstery see a lot of activity.

Over time, crumbs, spills, hair, dirt, and oil (from your skin!) build up on your couch and make it look and smell dingy. If your upholstery needs a little love, a quick application of no vac Foaming Sanitiser & Deodoriser will do the job. Just remove any dirt or crumbs, spray it on and leave it as it leaves your beloved furniture smelling clean and fresh, ready for the next use.


Keep your curtain fabrics smelling new

If your curtains start to smell musty, you can refresh them without having to buy a totally new set. Rather than let your curtains reach the end of their life, no vac Foam Foaming Sanitiser & Deodoriser will breathe a breath of fresh air into your room. Simply hang your curtains up in a well-ventilated area and apply.


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