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Faithful Companions

Dogs, our loyal companions, embody the very essence of unwavering love and boundless joy. With their wagging tails and soulful eyes, they effortlessly weave themselves into the fabric of our lives, bringing warmth and companionship to even the dreariest of days. Whether bounding with energy or curled up by our side, their presence offers solace and an unwavering sense of comfort. Their playful antics and infectious enthusiasm remind us to embrace the simple pleasures in life and find joy in the smallest of moments. From the noble and majestic to the tiny and mischievous, dogs come in all shapes and sizes, each with their own unique personality and charm. They possess an uncanny ability to understand our emotions, providing an empathetic ear and a loving paw when we need it most. With their unwavering loyalty and unwavering devotion, dogs truly epitomize the timeless bond between humans and animals, reminding us of the profound impact that a furry friend can have on our lives.

Pet cleaning 101

Whether it’s an indoor accident or just a general musk, pet odours in the carpet isn’t the best thing to experience at home or when driving. For those really stuck-in scents, many people are tempted by professional carpet cleaning to freshen things up. Unfortunately for most of us, this is expensive and time consuming.
If you want to eliminate those nasty smells quickly, cheaply and without fuss, you can save yourself some serious hassle by working on the stain yourself. The best part? No vac is here to help.
There’s nothing worse than coming home to an old, stuck-in pet smell. Even after cleaning it properly, a stain that looks like it’s gone may result in a persistent smell that lingers afterward. This may be due to organic matter left in the carpet. To completely remove pet odours from your carpet, these stains need to be dealt with.
Once you’ve cleaned up your pet’s mess with no vac Instant Spot & Stain remover, spray no vac Foaming Sanitiser & Deodoriser Fresh Pet. This will kill 99.9% of germs and neutralise that smell once and for all.
Just like with any kind of stain, the faster you act, the better your chances of completely cleaning the spots your pet leaves behind. If you catch your pet in the act, you’re in luck. Act fast and solve the situation by starting cleaning right away.
For step-by-step guides to the most common pet cleaning tasks click through to our blog.

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Kitty Love

Cats can be very expressive and affectionate animals, but they may show their love in different ways than humans or dogs. Here are some common signs that your cat loves you.

  • Purring at you: Purring is one of the best-known ways for cats to show affection. It means they feel safe and happy in your presence.
  • Wanting to be in your lap: When your cat snuggles up to you and takes their place in your lap, it means they love the closeness and feel secure in your arms.
  • Headbutting against you: This is a way for cats to mark you with their scent and show that you belong to them. It also means they want to be petted and groomed by you.
  • Showing you their belly: The belly is a vulnerable spot for cats. When they expose it to you, it means they trust you completely and want some belly rubs.
  • Meowing at you: Cats use meows to communicate with humans, not with other cats. When they meow at you, it means they want to tell you something or get your attention. Different meows can have different meanings, such as “I’m hungry”, “I’m bored”, “I’m happy”, etc.
  • Bringing you gifts: Cats are natural hunters, and sometimes they like to share their prey with their loved ones. When they bring you a mouse, a bird, or even a toy, it means they are proud of their catch and want to please you with it.
  • Kneading you with their paws: This is a behavior that cats learn as kittens when they nurse from their mother. It stimulates the milk flow and makes them feel comfortable. When they knead you with their paws, it means they associate you with the warmth and comfort of their mother.

So, does your cat love you? I’m sure they do.

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