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Discover the ultimate solution to effectively eliminate 99.9% of germs and enjoy captivating scents with no vac Sanitisers and Deodorisers. We’ve harnessed the power of our scientifically proven active ingredient to ensure our germ-killing performance. Say goodbye to lingering odours and hello to an invigoratingly fresh home. With no vac, you can confidently maintain a hygienic environment while indulging in delightful fragrances that will mesmerize your senses. Experience the refreshing difference that no vac brings to your household. Trust in our reliable product to deliver exceptional cleanliness and enchanting scents, leaving your home invigorated.

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Discover the versatility of no vac, your ultimate cleaning companion. This exceptional product goes beyond carpets, proving to be an invaluable addition to your cleaning routine. Whether it’s your rugs, sofas, curtains, dining room chairs, pet beds, or even your car, no vac works wonders!* With its powerful formula, you can confidently tackle germs and odours throughout your home and beyond. Experience the convenience and effectiveness of no vac as you effortlessly refresh and rejuvenate both soft and hard surfaces. Make no vac an essential part of your cleaning routine today, and enjoy a cleaner, fresher environment like never before.

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Our Sanitiser & Deodorisers don’t only make your house more hygienic by killing germs, but they also make your house smell clean and fresh. With 5 fragrances to choose from you will be sure to find a favourite. It’s not only the germ killing and fragrance that makes us stand out from the crowd, the specially designed nozzle makes it easy to apply over a large area quickly. The can is designed to be held upside down for easy application and the foaming action makes it easy to see where the product has been applied. Despite being a water-based product no vac will dry in 5min. A 290g can cover as much as 27sqm.


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